Anonymous asked:

so ur a demisexual but you claim to love jack frost. how does that work if you need to have a connection or whatever

ninjasinmycloset answered:

Welp, this question is interesting.

Yes, I am a demisexual/demiromantic, and yes, Jack Frost is a ‘fictional character’ that I claim to love. You might think I just started liking him because of Dreamwork’s Rise of the Guardians, but I’ll tell you the truth: I loved Jack Frost way before that movie ever came out.

Winter was always by most favorite season, and it still is. I love the cold, the snow, and how the world seems to stand still for a while and people actually get together to be with family and friends. As a child, my grandmother would tell me stories whenever I would stay with her about folktales and fairy tales (which has inspired me to go to art school); During winter, she would tell all kinds of stories about the season. Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, Winter Fairies and, of course, Jack Frost. During winter, I would spend all that time at my grandparent’s farmhouse, where I felt most safe, free and comfortable from the negative things back home (where adult stuff just seemed so difficult for a kid to understand :/ ).

Winter is also the time when my family would shut the fuck up and actually get along for once - we’d actually sit down and have meals, laugh and have fun with each other, which I didn’t have too often. Simply because it would snow, and we couldn’t go too far because everyone (except myself and my grandparents) didn’t like the cold, we would actually feel like a family. 

When I think of Jack Frost, I think of winter and how much I would fall in love with snowflakes, holiday movies and spending so much time with the person who has inspired me for who I am today. Winter stole my heart, and my grandma would tell me that it was Jack Frost’s present to me every season. I don’t love Jack Frost the character, but I love Jack Frost the spirit who gave me joy in my life.